Of course, there is nothing wrong with faith. Then again, there is something awry with consistently going against scientific facts, whose representative scientists aren’t just trying to scare the hell out of people. They’re also insisting that mythical river in Egypt, Denial, has no place in the usual droll politics that arises when a colloquy about Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam are openly debated. As alluded to earlier, so far there is no satisfying resolution, and no serious attempts to rectify a bad situation that, by all accounts (given scientific evidence), is worsening. Yet so is aggradation and human-caused pollutants filtering through the lake.

If asked for a personal and concluding statement to this lengthy first missive, I would say the Bureau of Reclamation put the goddamn dam in the wrong damn place. That’s as nice as I can put it, because the drowning of a canyon lady really should never have happened in this sector. The Glen Canyon Dam was also an 11th hour choice (for a dam site), that is, after the Echo Lake project was defeated by protestors. Question is: Was it really an 11th hour selection or did the bureau know something many decades ago about numerous potential dam sites even before the Hoover Dam went in (in the mid-1930s)? There is also the fact Dominy wasn’t quite satisfied with the Glen Canyon Dam’s location but figured his next target would be none other than a downstream national park. Indeed, construction on one of those three proposed dam sites began not too long after the Glen Canyon Dam was built.

Happy Trails!

Rich Holtzin