RK and his feline angel, Millie the Kid, 2016
The author prefers writing and publishing under the nom de plume RK ALLEMAN because it more accurately describes his family heritage. ("Richard Kerry" on his father’s side and "Alleman" on his mother’s side). With three academic degrees in Eastern and Western Philosophy, RK studied photography, anthropology, foreign languages, and sciences. Since the mid-1980s, he has earned a living as an outdoors educator teaching geosciences, human history, flora and fauna, ecology, archaeology, map and compass orienteering, and wilderness survival. Previously, he served two enlistments for a total of six years in the Navy, most of which was with the Anti-Submarine Warfare Force (ASW). During this time, RK (his signature 'chop') was a radio operator, cryptologist, and courier for classified documents. After his Honorable Discharge, including receiving a Letter of Meritorious Accommodation, he spent more than forty years in the West and Southwest. To mention some of his many bailiwicks of varying employment opportunities, he was a professional studio and stage musician, including teaching guitar and music theory for some twenty-five years. 

Additionally, RK composed two soundtracks for the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks (under his biological name). At times, he was a high school Educational Assistant and Substitute Teacher (since the 1990s); a commercial pilot flying a variety of aircraft; a professional photographer; a GPS surveyor and topographical mapper for the U. S. Forest Service; a planetarium control room operator and cosmologist; a museum docent; a stint with the Coconino Country Sheriff’s Office, and long ago, a stint with the Pennsylvania State Police (N.C.I.C. and R & I). Given his role as an interpretive guide and educator for the Grand Canyon Field Institute (http://bit.ly/1D6YS1u) for some eighteen years, he was also an instructor at Northern Arizona University and Yavapai College (respectively, Flagstaff and Prescott). During this time, RK owned and operated an eco and cultural tourism enterprise based on educational tourism throughout the American Southwest. More recently, he serves as the Executive Director of a think tank in Albuquerque, based on astronautics and aerospace S.T.E.M. classroom projects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) expressly geared for mathematic labs for high school students. (www.stemfortheclassroom.com) Since 2014, his endeavors are mostly geared to publishing his numerous writings, whose titles and subject matter are posted on this website).


* www.stemfortheclassroom.com think tank