Synopsis: The Grand Canyon is one of the most photographed scenic icons in the world. This mesmerizing chasm stimulates imaginations and curious minds want to know how this prodigious mile-deep setting was created. My 835-page nonfiction work, Call Me Grand Canyon: A Rim-To-River Anthology, provides the key to understanding. The text covers every aspect of the Canyon. The information has been meticulously researched for contemporary accuracy. The compositions of this text relate the kind of experiential information that can only come from the thousands of miles I have hiked inside the Grand Canyon. Although there are many books written about this shrine of the ages, Call Me Grand Canyon offers the reader more variety in the diverse blend of topics that people expect from an anthology. Like Wayne Ranney's Carving Grand Canyon: Evidence, Theories, and Mystery, my work reveals the latest geologic facts and theories. However, my anthology also embraces ALL of the Grand Canyon's facets, features, and formulations, including the John Wesley Powell saga, engaging environmental issues, such as the Glen Canyon Dam impact on the Colorado River, the canyon’s cultural heritage, an informative backpack equipment list, and glossary.