Synopsis: Beyond the scenery that entices people to visit a vast array of national parks, monuments, state parks and archeological ruins throughout this quadrant of North America is a story waiting to be told. It starts with these pertinent questions: What happened here? What makes the geology of this territory so unique, and in most cases, colorful? What is this plant or that creature that lives in such environs? Who were the ancient people that first came here, then settled and built their dwellings and villages? This latter question is especially salient when viewing captivating archeological ruins. For instance, the enigmatic Chaco Canyon, or the lofty and  impressive cliff palaces of Mesa Verde, Kiet Siel and Betatakin. Naturally, some visitors want to know only the essentials, while others desire more details. The Southwest Scenic Destinations anthology appeals to both. This illuminating traveler’s guidebook features nearly 90 celebrated destinations is like having a key that opens doors of knowledge to all the picturesque places throughout this renowned quadrant of America: Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Hovenweep and nearby Canyons of the Ancients, Arches, Canyonlands, Valley of the Gods, Glen Canyon-Lake Powell, Canyon de Chelly, Bryce and Zion. . .these are just some of the many destinations presented in this literary tour and there is no other book like it on the market.  

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Specifics: This text covers and explores the subject matter of geology, flora and fauna, human history; also, includes contact information, driving directions, and geographic particulars for each featured destination. For some of these places, supplemental information is also included. For instance, a description of popular hiking trails, famous movies filmed in select locals such as Kanab and Moab, Utah; also, relevant topics that are germane to select places (i.e., archeoastronomy, paleontology, ethnobotany and desert ecology). An added convenience to the reader is how information in every destination is layered. Hence, a description of facts and details, from the most essential to the more entailed particulars, are presented in a straightforward, casual writing style. This way, the reader chooses how much or how little information to peruse. Like an encyclopedia of useful information for travelers, Southwest Scenic Destinations be read cover-to-cover or piecemeal. 

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Please note the standard book-format page count is 359 pages (and not available at this time). However, the electronic download page count, because the print is larger and the format changed, can be twice, and sometimes nearly three times higher than standard page count just mentioned.

Incidentally, there is a companion book of supplements entitled, "Southwest Scenic Destinations: A Supplemental Guidebook to the Best of the Best" (see COMPANION BOOK details listed at the top of this welcome page). This ePublished text is planned for its debut in the fall of 2015.