House on Darque Hill - Preamble

About This Posting: Accept this invite and challenge to read a scary and strange novel whose telling title provides insight into the story’s theme and genre. Thus, adding your personal commentary and/or editing recommendations to weekly installments. These cliffhanger chapter postings will be available every Saturday, starting 2/23/2018. When all the chapters are posted throughout the upcoming months, l will have a better sense of what the reader’s overall reaction is, solely based on the comments and suggestions. Thus, either to publish this rough draft or toss it. Let’s start with this first chapter and see what you think of the novel’s subject matter (see backstory comments below).

Kindly note some parts of the text reads a bit “salty” (sudden outbursts of expletives). That’s because the protagonist is scared shitless and witless and so will you if you join him in a baffling, macabre, and nightmarish escapade. He’s trapped in an older model vehicle of some unknown make and model and doesn’t know how he got there much less where the mysterious driver is taking him. He also thinks the driver is either a madman, a fiend or both. Lest it goes unsaid, the subject matter throughout the story is not for the fainthearted. Seriously!

Backstory: The novel was drawn from a short story I wrote in the mid-1980s entitled “SKYE KEEP.” The longer subtitle reads: A Quirkish Novel about a Haunted House, a Charming Cat, Romance in the Rockies, the Georgetown Loop Railroad, and Small-Town Politics” (For the synopsis, view this URL: A larger rough draft of the manuscript followed years later.)


A Psychological, Gothic, & Existential Thriller

Richard Kerry Holtzin
© 2019




No living man can send me to the shades
Before my time; no man of woman born,
Coward or brave, can shun his destiny.
(Homer (the “Iliad”))

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