Scenic Icons of the Southwest Synopsis

You need to go to these destinations
A Literary Travelogue of National Parks, National Monuments, State Parks, and Archaeological Ruins is an educationally-based text featuring nearly ninety national parks and national monuments, state parks, and archaeological ruins, most of which are scattered across the Colorado Plateau Province. This travelogue serves as a key of knowledge that opens all the celebrated sights and prehistoric icons, providing readers with useful facts and interesting details about each featured destination. Thus, the kind of text written for readers desiring to know and learn more, and not just those who are interested in the scenery. Moreover, the literary contents of each destination explain everything in a straightforward manner.

The methodology of Scenic Icons of the Southwest presents its subject matter focus on the trinity of geology, natural and human history, as well as contact information, driving directions, and geographic particulars. Where applicable, supplemental details for select destinations are also included: hiking trails, germane topics such as archaeoastronomy, paleontology, and ethnobotany, as well as lionized movies filmed. An added convenience for the reader is how each destination's presentation entails the most essential to more detailed particulars. Hence, a graduating text of information, where one chooses how much or how little subject matter to peruse.

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Like an A to Z encyclopedia, Scenic Icons of the Southwest text can be read cover-to-cover or piecemeal. To cut down on printing costs, Bitly URL’s are embedded in all destinations and meant for readers having access to the Internet. These seven-digit codes correlate to Google images, graphics, charts, and illustrations presented in every destination. Included in the text are six addenda of subject matter, whose subject matter is more specialized (i.e., more details).

While there are scores of books written about the Southwest and America’s unique geographic and topographic setting, to my knowledge, none are as comprehensive and factual as Scenic Icons of the Southwest. For those who are interested in an interpretive account of what’s behind the scenery, I believe this knowledgeable text will attract a wide reading audience.


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