November Musings

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NOVEMBER MUSINGS (Poetic Paean to an Aging Autumnal Season) depicts the process and reality of Nature, where the subject is perceived through the eye of the observer. Here, the two phases of objectivity and subjectivity collide as synthesis issues. Hence, another way of perceiving the world, but, in this case, Nature’s changing temperament on a late November day marking the near end of the autumnal season. At this time of the year, November is also my favorite month. For me, there is something special about this change of season more than at any other time of the year. For those who see and sense the interconnectedness web of life, as well as being in touch with an ultra reality beyond the mundane view, this narrative realizes the micro view within the macro. This lengthy poetic narrative invites the reader into personal woolgathering and musings centered entirely on a serendipitous outdoor adventure into the countryside. Consequently, there is meditation in the exchange, as well as a chance to slow down the mind and let one’s spirit catch up with the process. When the personal stage of one's life is let go, it is then possible to embrace the greater stage, Nature's stage, by which all else soon follows. Here is a sample stanza:
Clouds on collision courses vectored north-northeast;
like a convoy of ships adrift on a globular blue ocean,
Lacked masts and sails.
Down below, I was a voyager in a world of solid form;
an ingenuous knight-errant, a Paladin in pursuit —
Of Nature’s Holy Grail.
This treatise on Nature begins late in the evening. The long day's outing is over and my melancholy speaks volumes considering a diametrical change of temperament the moment I walked in the door. Later, I decided to recount the day that began around dawn and my spirits immediately were enhanced with the recall of one of the most exceptional days I experienced. Thus, the numerous stanzas relate the personal joy and value of an entire day now spent, but the narrative and the essence was recollected as the mood of the day changed minute by minute.

Note: “November Musings” is the poetic companion work to the author’s “A Treatise Of Nature & The Self.” Thus, the prose sibling.