Viva El Zorro!

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Here is a novel screenplay Joe Maness, my friend and co-author of our S.T.E.M. projects, wrote and I did some editing and feedback. A very clever and singular narrative indeed. Now we all know Zorro, as a seeming fictional literary legend, doesn’t have to always be a male. In fact, there are lots of male and female heroes acting in such ways. Wait until you get to meet Carmen (Zorro) in this story. You are going to love her and the bad guys are going to fear for their lives and safety.

In this tale of redemption, a contemporary superhero has the huevos to try and take down a mass–murdering techno–terrorist. This action–packed adventure follows the proud young ancestor of the original de la Vega family who now lives in the 21st century. Viva El Zorro!