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I Write & Publish Books For Inquisitive Minds, Like Yours!

A Candid Summary of “Dr. Rich’s ”  Eclectic Background & Credentials: Educator, guide & instructor, RICH HOLTZIN (also writing under “Richard Kerry Holtzin”) author’s & publishes his books. For many years, he taught geosciences (mainly geology), human history, and natural history, mostly about the Four Corners region of the American Southwest’s national parks & monuments, tribal & state parks, and the Anasazi archeological ruins. With thousands of hiking & backpacking, he has explored all of the celebrated places he writes about. Dr. Rich was also an instructor with the Grand Canyon Field Institute (educational outreach program endorsed by the NPS), as well as professoring for the likes of Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff) & Yavapai College (Prescott). For more details about Rich’s vagamundo life experiences & credentials, as well as a complete synopsis of each book, visit his AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE: PS Rich apprec