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Scenic Icons of the Southwest Synopsis

A Literary Travelogue of National Parks, National Monuments, State Parks, and Archaeological Ruins is an educationally-based text featuring nearly ninety national parks and national monuments, state parks, and archaeological ruins, most of which are scattered across the Colorado Plateau Province. This travelogue serves as a key of knowledge that opens all the celebrated sights and prehistoric icons, providing readers with useful facts and interesting details about each featured destination. Thus, the kind of text written for readers desiring to know and learn more, and not just those who are interested in the scenery. Moreover, the literary contents of each destination explain everything in a straightforward manner.

The methodology of Scenic Icons of the Southwest presents its subject matter focus on the trinity of geology, natural and human history, as well as contact information, driving directions, and geographic particulars. Where applicable, supplemental details for …

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The genre I write & publish represents subject matter intended to entertain, engage, and enlighten readers. Most of my published works take readers on a literary sojourn to the American Southwest, featuring a plethora of National Parks, Nation Monuments, State and Tribal Parks, and archeological ruins villages long ago abandoned by the Anasazi Culture who were the first people to settle in sectors of the Colorado Plateau Province (also known as “The 4 Corners region” of the Southwest)

For nearly fifty years, I have lived, learned, and explored what has to be the…