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Scenic Icons of the Southwest Synopsis

A Literary Travelogue of National Parks, National Monuments, State Parks, and Archaeological Ruins is an educationally-based text featuring nearly ninety national parks and national monuments, state parks, and archaeological ruins, most of which are scattered across the Colorado Plateau Province. This travelogue serves as a key of knowledge that opens all the celebrated sights and prehistoric icons, providing readers with useful facts and interesting details about each featured destination. Thus, the kind of text written for readers desiring to know and learn more, and not just those who are interested in the scenery. Moreover, the literary contents of each destination explain everything in a straightforward manner.

The methodology of Scenic Icons of the Southwest presents its subject matter focus on the trinity of geology, natural and human history, as well as contact information, driving directions, and geographic particulars. Where applicable, supplemental details for …

House on Darque Hill Enigma 1

HOUSE ON DARQUE HILL –– A Psychological, Gothic, & Existential Thriller
by  Richard Kerry Holtzin © 2019
Enigma I
"In a vision of the dark night, I have dreamed of joy departed –– But a waking dream of life and light hath left me broken-hearted." (Edgar Allan Poe)
“Jesus H. Christ! What the hell is that?” There was no response. I felt my legs jerking and body thrashing on the floor. Something or someone was on top of me. I asked in an alarming tone of voice, “What. . .what are you doing? It feels like you’re trying to. . .Wait; are you trying to strangle me? It feels like you are, goddamn it.” There was still no response but then it felt whatever or whoever it was on top of me got closer to my face and was about to bite my neck. I could smell the stench of his breath and heard gnashing sounds. I resisted and pulled away. But it was no use: som…

House on Darque Hill - Preamble

About This Posting: Accept this invite and challenge to read a scary and strange novel whose telling title provides insight into the story’s theme and genre. Thus, adding your personal commentary and/or editing recommendations to weekly installments. These cliffhanger chapter postings will be available every Saturday, starting 2/23/2018. When all the chapters are posted throughout the upcoming months, l will have a better sense of what the reader’s overall reaction is, solely based on the comments and suggestions. Thus, either to publish this rough draft or toss it. Let’s start with this first chapter and see what you think of the novel’s subject matter (see backstory comments below).
Kindly note some parts of the text reads a bit “salty” (sudden outbursts of expletives). That’s because the protagonist is scared shitless and witless and so will you if you join him in a baffling, macabre, and nightmarish escapade. He’s trapped in an older model vehicle of some unknown make and model a…

House on Darque Hill Table of Contents


MY BOOKSTORE: I Write & Publish Books For Inquisitive Minds, Like Yours!

Welcome to my website!

The books I write & publish represent subject matter that entertains and engages a reader’s intellect. That said, I assume you are the type of person who reads to learn and augment your intellectual horizons. If so, you came to the right website to do just that. Most of my published works take readers on a cognitive and literary sojourn to the American Southwest, featuring a plethora of National Park, Nation Monuments, State and Tribal Parks, and Stone Cities long ago abandoned by the Anasazi Culture. Thus, their archaeological ruins such as Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon.
For nearly fifty years, this sector of North America is where I have lived, learned, and explored what has to be the most peerless landscape of scenic diversity on the planet. I also write about the environment, Antarctica and the Emperor Penguins, res dogs (strays on Indian Reservations), aviation, S.T.E.M. education (aeronautics and aerospace), a road tour series whose tourism concept take…