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I write and publish books under my nom de plume RK ALLEMAN that make it seem as though the reader is part of the narrative. Most of the subject matter sets its focus on the natural world, inviting readers into the American Southwest’s National Parks & Monuments, State & Tribal Parks, including Archeological (Anasazi) ruins. Also known as the Four Corners region of the Colorado Plateau province, this expansive territory is where I have lived, worked, traveled, and explored for some fifty years.

Additionally, my books feature a plethora of picturesque environs and singular topography like no other place on the planet. With an emphasis on geology, human & natural history relevant to scenic icons and landmarks, where applicable, popular hiking trails relative to each destination are all described in detail.

With that digest in mind, as an author, the knowledge of my published works provides a literary educational tour with a personal guide and pedagogue. Ergo, the professional educator’s role I have served for nearly forty years. Additionally, I write other books with diverse subject matter, all of which can be viewed at these two URLs (all links open in a new window):


Richard Kerry Holtzin,
Professor emeritus, educator & guide
Flagstaff, Arizona


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Richard Kerry Holtzin
Flagstaff, Arizona


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