Devil's Dream Reel

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The Yellowstone soundtrack project (1987) followed the Ballads of the Grand Canyon. However, it was never funded. Still, I composed and recorded an 8-track soundtrack and ended up having to play all the instruments (except the pedal-steel guitar), as well as the singing. Compared to the 48-track Grand Canyon soundtrack, the demo is rough around the edges, but was intentionally recorded that way. My idea was to have popular recording artists record pre-selected ballads such as John Denver, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Willie Nelson, and some few others who lived in Colorado. Unlike the 18-day recording sessions to lay down the tracks for the Grand Canyon program, the Yellowstone tracks were laid down in 2-days. The first day entailed my playing the instrumental tracks and the second day I recorded the vocals.

Unlike the Grand Canyon Ballads program that featured four classical guitar solos, the Yellowstone soundtrack had only one instrumental. This popular composition was the best of the early 1880s songs that coincide with the likes of John Colter and the mountain man. Specifically, the so-called Rocky Mountain jamboree gatherings when the frontier men celebrated annually, which included scores of Indian Nations that were friendly to these fur-trapping interlopers. This lyrical song and melody closes the program.