Mobile Apps

I am currently in the process of developing educational interpretive mobile apps based on my Scenic Icons of the Southwest road tour book:

(link opens in a new window/tab)

I broke the book down by state and will create a free educational mobile app for each one:
  • Arizona
  • (Southern) California
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
The prototype Arizona Road Tours educational mobile app has been built and is ready for testing.

You can operate the prototype app in your browser by following this link:

(link opens in a new window/tab)

I am at the stage of identifying businesses that are willing to sponsor the app. The sponsors will allow me to get the mobile app hosted, the prototype deployed and available for free to download and install, and to basically "keep the lights on."

So all of this means that the mobile app has to go through several stages before it can reach a wider audience. We also need individuals to test the prototype app.
  • App Development [Completed]
  • Prototype [Completed]
  • Alpha Testing [Current]
  • Sponsorship [Current]
  • App Hosting
  • App Deployment
  • Uploading the app Install File
    • Google Play Store
    • Apple App Store
  • Beta Testing
Each interpretive mobile app will need to undergo the same procedures.

All of the educational mobile apps will eventually be available on the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices and the App Store for Apple mobile devices.