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Richard K. Holtzin (writing/publishing under the non de plume: RK ALLEMAN) =<<>>= EMPEROR PENGUINS: The Other Global Warming 'Canary in the Coal Mine' Ad line: Given this lengthy novel, a chilling, yet heartwarming mystery and adventure awaits the reader. It’s also necessary to bundle up because the narrative is set in the coldest place on the planet—Antarctica. Thus, the subtitle’s inference. Abstract: This venturesome novel about the handsome, tall Emperor Penguin species centers on a large colony of penguins soon after their brief summer feeding season ends. Thus, the autumn season begins as thousands of ‘emperors’ trek across the icy continent on a nonstop seven-day hike to their community’s inland rookery, the purpose of which is for mating. Early on in their arrival, intermittent unnerving sounds and tremors issue beneath its thick foundation, which is a first for this colony to hear, feel, and experience. One penguin among them, Aurora, later embarks on a s


THE WHAT, WHO, WHEN, WHERE  (but I don’t know WHY) ASPECTS OF MY LIFE AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE (link opens in a new window) ABSTRACT Writer, educator, defender of the environment and all creatures great and small. “Dr. Rich,” as some of his former students used to call him, created his eclectic lifestyle by engaging in numerous interests connected to targeted employment opportunities). Hence, he fits the profile of a free spirit (and perhaps “vagamundo” is another way to describe his unconventional character). Throughout most of his life, he was primarily employed as an academic educator, outdoors instructor, and backcountry guide. What follows in the longer Curriculum Vitae is a detailed account based on his achievements, credentials, and challenges spanning some fifty years. • • • THE MANY MAIN EVENTS (Employment History) Writing under the name Richard Kerry Holtzin, Dr. Rich’s teeming résumé seems to condense many roles over a number of lifetimes, yet representing a single life span that