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All of My Published Books

MILEPOSTS: MI VIDA LOCA AND NO MEA CULPA This latest publication in my literary repertoire captures some of my milestone highlights based on numerous occupations, escapades, and advocations over the years. This manuscript also presents writings from a variety of many books, and specifically, excerpts from book chapter material in the guise of seeming essays. I want to add how over the past few years, some buyers of my books have sent critiques based on some of my manuscripts. Ergo, all of the chosen compositions in Milestones denote the most commented remarks by readers. That said, the writings herein are chronological (i.e., the date each book was published). Some of the selected samples are also from the same featured book but are not chronological. Thus, breaking up the subject matter, just because. Why I chose these sample writings I cannot say, except to mention the general theme seems to be pivotal to the eclectic digest of the manuscript. With this brief introduction stated, fee